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  •  Cowardly careerist politicians lead us into the (8+ / 0-)

    abyss of violence at every turn, promulgating fear and distrust to "motivate" us : "fiscal cliff", "terrorism", "47%", "the black Kenyan Muslim usurper", and the answer for these cowards, when faced with the real threat of murder of innocents, the destruction of working people's economic lives, the trashing of the environment, etc... ignore us. It is not  equally a "both sides do it," phenomenon, Republicans are much more guilty of this fear based tactic than Democrats: however, when it comes to gun safety, Democrats have not shown any leadership since the 1990's.

    Guns should be licensed and regulated heavily, they are designed to kill. People who manufacture, transport and handle poisons and hazardous materials are licensed and certified under federal supervision.  People who handle, manufacture and use guns should be licensed, trained and annually re-certified and background checked to handle and own weapons.

    Certain classes of weapons, as federal law states now, should not be available to the general public. We don't allow fully automatic weapons, shoulder launched missiles, artillery, grenade launchers etc... to be owned by the general public. Why should we allow large capacity clips and magazines, semi-automatic assault rifles or massive ammunition or gun storage in private hands?

    Why? Because the NRA is feared by cowardly politicians and they aren't turning their hands to destroying the NRA's power. It is time the NRA join the KKK in the dust bin of history and cultural derision, it needs to be broken. Politicians won't do it, we have to and we need to start now.

    "Intelligence is quickness in seeing things as they are..." George Santayana

    by KJG52 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 12:06:34 AM PST

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