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  •  Keep us in fear. Make us ready for police control. (4+ / 0-)

    There is no guarantee of safety.

    The constitution requires pledges to uphold the constitution, not a pledge to safety and security.

    The founders had extensive experience with arbitrary state power and wrote civil liberties statures limiting state power.

    I was in a meeting with the vice principle of my grandson's junior high school about a face book incident. He told us that no information is private in facebook, on the internet or text messages in cell phones. I am just stating what he said, not entering into a discussion if this is true.

    Airport scanners make money for the security state get us in the habit of being searched. Have you heard that many are going trough intrusive body pat downs rather than subject themselves to large doses of radiation with hands on the head? Slows down the lines considerably and get the message across.

    Watch out about being stopped by police on the road. They can get away with incredible stuff.

    And be careful not to be charged as a terrorist. This is a new legal category which allows extensive intrusions of the law. And if you happen to be a Muslim and accused of terrorism, a term that is undefined but can be used to justify many things, including trillions of dollars on wars, all bets are off.

    Check out this new article which yet again shows that terrorism is an undefined term.

    To learn about our security state, look into this.

     How America's Surveillance State Breeds Conformity and Fear
    Once the government is able to monitor everything we do and say, we will be unable to fight back.

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