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  •  We lack the leadership to change anything (6+ / 0-)

    We lack any kind of potent, courageous political, business and civic leadership in this country to take any of the steps you mention to control guns and increase gun regulation. Have you heard any political leaders call for any new regulations or policies since this tragedy? No. At most, they just spew out vague statements about taking "meaningful action," whatever that means, at some undefined time in the future. Or they call for prayers and condolences and say now is not the time to talk politics, and then we're on to the next shooting with no change. Sadly, I don't see this changing. Everyone says this is different, but the responses I've seen from our political, business and civic leaders to this tragedy are IDENTICAL to responses we've seen to past tragedies, which have led to nothing changing except, perhaps, getting even more lax about gun control and gun regulation.

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