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  •  But what is all of that surveillance doing? (19+ / 0-)

    Literally, tons of firearms in this country are missing in action many of which could be in the hands of terrorists - who knows - no one because we don't really track weapons.  

    Meanwhile, Homeland Security and the FBI don't miss a trick (pun intended) when a Governor hires a prostitute for more than $10,000.  That "collar" didn't stop a terrorist nor did it save these little kids' lives.

    •  It's not really doing anything of course (2+ / 0-)
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      CanisMaximus, sethtriggs

      which was essentially my point - but I'd much rather have this rather innocuous type of "doing nothing" than the more invasive responses engendered by 9.11 that this diary appeared to be calling for.

      •  I don't think that's what she's calling for. (8+ / 0-)

        I think she's pointing out the hypocrisy over how we over-react for threats that have been tried once and how we refuse to enforce existing laws that have been violated again and again and again, to the death and destruction of thousands of lives each and every year.

      •  Where to get that she's calling for that? (1+ / 0-)
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        She explicitly states that it doesn't make her feel any safer. I take her point to be that we are devoting an incredible amount of resources and energy to what amounts to jack shit security-wise. And yet we are ignoring real and tangible measures that could be taken to increase the safety of all Americans.

        •  This sentence, for example: (0+ / 0-)
          Because no mater how many times it happens, nothing is being done to keep me safe while I'm out shopping, or at the movies, or singing songs at Circle Time with my group of preschoolers.
          It's absolutely not true.  In fact quite a smear on the people who run - oh let's say a day care center.   I use that example because I happen to know quite well a day care center administrator.

          She's incredibly concerned about the security of the kids under her care - and does everything that sensibly can be done to ensure their safety.    In fact the school in Newtown also seemed to have taken security seriously, having a number of common sense safeguards  in place.  It's totally not like nobody cares or is doing anything like this diarist claims.  In the UK this could probably pass for actionable slander  . .. (but, I'm glad we don't live in the UK in that respect - since I really don't have anything against and old fashioned internet rant - but OTOH I think I have the right to counter it if I opt to!).

    •  The surveillance (0+ / 0-)

      helps prosecutors to make a case in the event that the perp is captured alive. Or, if, as is likely,  he's not captured alive, stills from the videos make good illustrations for the investigative reports.

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