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  •  Never again (2+ / 0-)
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    wintergreen8694, Laconic Lib

    The ultimate tragedy of so many young lives cut short in an unspeakable manner must not be left to be forgotten in vain. This incident was wholly preventable, and these children could still be alive today were it not for the backwards and vulgar lack of any meaningful regulation of guns that are made for military-style execution killings. America has been held hostage by the hacks of the NRA for far too long. It is sickening that it had to take the mass murder of first graders for lawmakers and the president to assert their role in protecting citizens, and even then we may not achieve anything of substance thanks to conservative intransigence. The United States stands out as an uncivilized and deadly hotbed of gun violence when compared to other industrialized nations. This must change.  -  progressive

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