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    Tonight at ten a mass shooting at a school in Germany at least sixteen people dead
    Brooker: yes because on the same day as the peace demonstration a lone maniac in Germany went berserk with a gun killing sixteen people. This senseless tragedy
     provided material for news reports for days to follow
    First there were the initial dramatic breakdowns detailing precisely how the carnage unfolded. There was grim voyeuristic mobile phone footage of the gunman's last moments and a chilling reconstruction of a warning he apparently posted on the internet
    NEWS NARRATOR: He typed these words
    everybody's laughing at me and no one sees my potential I'm serious

    Brooker: which later turned out to be almost  certainly false, incidentally.

    The aftermath in Winninden proved so compelling for the vulture like rolling news stations they even filled air-time with things that weren't happening yet. Two days later even footage from an old ping pong tournament, in which the back of the gun man's head was vaguely visible was still considered news

    BBC Narrator: The latest pictures of Kretschmer show him playing table tennis his favorite sport

    Brooker: And 3 days later even worse footage, pixelated so that it looked like a broadcase from the ** lego dimension, well that was considered news too.

    Sky News: In the video Kretschmer shown taking part in an arm wrestling contest in Rottenburg last year

    Brooker: Yeah, I think if I squint I can just about make out the face of a killer. Isn't the news Brilliant.

    Repeatedly showing us a killers face isn't news it's rubber necking.
    What's more the sort of coverage only serves to turn his
    murderous little twat into a sort of nihilistic pin up boy.

    One thing the news kept plaintively asking was just why this had happened,

    BBC Narrator:  What had triggered in the mind of a seemingly normal teenager, such fury and alienation

    Brooker: Well if you want to know why, why not ask a  forensic psychiatrist

    psychiatrist : we've had twenty years of mass murderers throughout which I have repeatedly told c_n_n_ and our other media if you don't want to propagate more mass murders don't start this story was sirens blaring

    News Narrator: Background noise (sirens) The school day had only just begun when the attacker struck

    psychiatrist : Don't have photographs of the killer

    Narrator: The seventeen-year-olds three hour rampage which ended in his own death

    psychiatrist : Don't make this twenty four seven coverage

    SKY News Announcer: The German Chancellor is about to give  her reaction, we will bring that to you live.

    psychiatrist : Do everything you can not to make the body count the lead story

    BBC News Narrator: Carnage in the classroom sixteen people are dead

    psychiatrist : Not to make the killer some kind of anti-hero

    NewsNarrator: Dressed in black combat gear the gun man opened fire at random.

    psychiatrist: Localize this story to the affected community and make it as boring as possible in every other market because every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder we expect to see one or two more within a week but

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