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    Does the Second Amendment say anything about the "right to buy ammunition?"

    There are too many guns out there to retrieve them all so we have no choice but to let them sit.

    But ammunition?  Why can't the government regulate the sale of ammunition? In order to buy it you have to apply for a permit with adequate time for authorities to check your background.  Then you could only buy a specified amount with a nod to what is needed for a successful deer hunting season, etc. Ammunition for those automatic military style weapons would not be available to anyone but the police and military.

    And you have to buy it from a government agency. No more purchases over the Internet. No more availability at your local Walmart.

    Sure there would be a black market.  But you would have to work some to find that black market.  And the fines and sentencing for selling it under the table could be onerous. It would take many years to finally use up the amount of ammunition already out there but by God we are getting nowhere trying to stop the easy ownership of guns.

    It's worth a try.

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