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  •  Excellent speech by an environmental biologist (4+ / 0-)

    A couple of things mentioned in the speech.

    1992 A Warning to Humanity about human effects on the biosphere. Signed by 1700 scientists including over half of Nobel Prize winners. Little action since then.

    2005 Millennium Eco System Assessment - a multi million dollar, multi year largest assessment ever, published and the next day the Pope died and that was the end of the coverage in the press.

    The speaker is David Suzuki, a Canadian environmentalist. He was awarded the Inamori Ethics prize at Case Western University and gave his acceptance speech on September 6, 2012. I drove form Columbus to Cleveland to hear the exceptional speech.

    The content of this speech is more important than what we heard during the elections, and yet ......

    Lots of introductory material and best to start at 26 minute mark.

    Extra bonus link - the 1992 World's Scientists Warning to Humanity

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