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  •  The Psychology of Libertarianism (3+ / 0-)

    That's what I would call the article by Brian Angliss, and Laurence is right.  If you are interested in political psychology, this is a must-read.  With references, even.  I'm impressed with the developments in this field of political science.  It goes a lot toward explaining political behavior, I think.  I look forward to more studies of this nature.

    •  Bruin Kid told us about the seminal findings (0+ / 0-)

      of the study and, in particular this baffling business about the common thread being "liberty" (i.e. the freedom to do as you wish) as the only moral good. As Libertarians roam the country in droves with such irrational underpinnings I find it difficult not to find it alarming that what I consider to be basic infantilism is considered a political "philosophy" at all. I'd agree that it's good that such business is being analyzed, however.

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