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  •  There's no use (9+ / 0-)

    trying to reason with people who are deep-caught in the grip of powerful emotions.  And unfortunately, it can also be just too draining to stick around and be a sounding-board for their grief and rage.  So be well, and do what's right for you.

    The last time I got fed up with the ranting around here someone suggested that I offer up an alternative instead of bitchin'.  So if I can figure out the new system, I'm going to try and put up some pictures from my recent trip to Transylvania later today.  Drop by if you have the time.

    Here's some metaphorical hugs and hot chocolate for you.

    •  You read my mind, cyn and just what I said (8+ / 0-)

      above. Some tend to comment when their emotions are all over the place and exaggerated due to high stress and while they are very upset.

      It would help if more people practiced some deep breathing exercises before commenting or just took a few minutes to calm down before commenting. But some choose to just let it all hang out in times of high stress without thinking about its effects on others.

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      by wishingwell on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 07:00:55 AM PST

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    •  In the past (2+ / 0-)

      people used to post recipes when trolls came into diaries.

      Maybe this new version of the troll, nasty egomaniacs, also deserves a recipe or two instead of any response that only eggs him or her on.

      Helping a food pantry on the Cheyenne River Reservation,Okiciyap." ><"

      by betson08 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 11:55:49 AM PST

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