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  •  Unless you propose another idea then yes. (4+ / 0-)

    My instinct is that this is a gun problem. That requires a gun solution. But what I hear from the gun community is that there should be no discussion until this blows over. Like all the past times something like this has happened. If you have an idea or solution propose it. But do not tell us we are not allowed to talk bout this. Either you have a solution or you do not. Saying Do not talk about this is no solution.

    •  You have to reach a consensus (6+ / 0-)

      with gun owners to come up with a solution. That's not whimsy. That's fact. They're the ones with the guns. Not you. You want them to give their guns up? I think you will see some concessions. But to say they have to have no guns at all? Not even a single-shot rifle to maybe smack at a coyote going after someone's yearly income? For those who live up in Alaska and have wolves?

      Nuance. Concessions. Consensus. We need these things. Absolutism on both sides will keep anything from happening whatsoever and will only further calcify peoples' preexisting dispositions here.

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      by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 09:35:41 AM PST

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      •  the most striking editorial i heard in the last (9+ / 0-)

        few days was about the NRA - and how the extremists took over a number of years ago.  the commentator pointed out that the NRA (when run by moderates) had been in the forefront of gun control laws and restrictions of certain types of weapons.  

        the extremists drove them out.

        that is our problem here, as well - extremist views are driving away moderate voices - and then we have extremists on both sides of the issue (ANY issue) driving the turmoil.

        pragmatism is NOT a dirty word - it is the tool used to find solutions.  pragmatists are the realists that want to find a way to bring people together instead of driving them apart.

        i agree with kitsap that the dialogue on the site has become upsetting.  it (the dialogue) has become more about personality at times than about finding a way out of the morass of problems we face.  we cannot solve everything instantly because we are a nation of many views.

        i truly believe it is up to each of us on this site to call out absolutism when it raises itself here and then refuse to be dragged into the personal battles that result from those who are determined to be "right" (instead of working to find those solutions to serious issues).

        when we cannot work together to search for answers, how can we then demand it of our political members of congress?  we need to find a way to stop the polarization - to re-direct the energies.  how we do this, i am not sure - but i do know that we need to try!

        i am now going to try to disengage before being drawn into these types of extreme positions.  when someone becomes personally verbally combative, i will now disengage from that diary and conversation.  if more of us do that, we will stop feeding the ego of the absolutist beast... and maybe then we can find answers to some of these problems (or, at least, learn which questions we need to be asking...)

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