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  •  I have the utmost respect for you, and I don't (3+ / 0-)
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    MRA NY, tmay, Charles CurtisStanley

    think how you were treated was acceptable. However, as a woman who was also raped in her home, as well as a just plain woman who values woman's rights,  this statement bothers me: "I do think I should have a right not to be beaten and raped in my own home again."

    Every woman has that right, whether she does or does not have a gun. We have an incredible need for societal solutions to both gun violence and violence against women. I shouldn't have to have a gun to deserve to be safe in my own home, as you've suggested here. I don't mean to sound harsh- you have every right to your own response- but I do object to the message you've sent here that it is the logical response for rape victims, period, the end. I'm not interested in owning guns; I am interested in my right to safety with or without them.

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