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  •  and assault can be verbal, as well. (4+ / 0-)

    your first sentence explains a whole lot of what is happening around here of late.

    People are speaking to people as if they haven't experienced their own, real-life experiences.
    i, too, had someone tell me that i had not experienced certain events in my life - that it was just "emotional memory".  those amazing statements came from someone significantly younger than the incident i was discussing - who based an opinion on material she had read 40 years after the incident (instead of having lived as an adult at the time of the situation).

    there appears to be a need to find validation on an anonymous blog by "knowing" more than others, for what ever reason.

    after that amazing discussion, i am now not going to engage in discussions where people behave in such a manner.  it doesn't pay to give attention to those who are not interested in sharing experiences that beget knowledge.  nor does it pay to feed the egos of those not interested in solutions to problems!

    it is up to all of us to temper our words and reactions when we are posting - the cancel button has been my "friend" for a very long time - i hope more here will consider using it (even if it is to ignore those trying to inflame the discussions).

    •  Oh for heavens sake (1+ / 0-)
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      Charles CurtisStanley

      This is not the time or place to bring up site disagreements that have nothing to do with what KR went through.

      You had a garden variety tiff with me and you're now bringing it up when it has no bearing on the topic. It was just an argument between two people, nothing more than that, but you're trying to equate it with a personal attack resonating with memories of a previous assault and rape?

      Why drag this into KR's diary and make it about you? Please stop for HER sake.  Please! If you must discuss it, choose somewhere else and I'll meet you there.  I suggest for the sake of Kitsap River and all the others dealing with unpleasant discussion, you are better off putting it behind you.

      Kitsap, stay safe. I apologize from the bottom of my heart that this silliness got dragged into your TTFN.

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