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View Diary: NRA's Twitter account goes silent after CT shooting, Facebook page taken down (300 comments)

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  •  Litho, put-up or shut-up. (10+ / 1-)

    Contact the Admins RIGHT NOW and have them ban my account.

    I'm not the one making media which glorifies violence as the ever-present solution.  Not TV, nor Movies, nor Video Games, or online RPGs.  Violence has been "normalized" in our daily dose of entertainment - and this is our Roman Empire moment.

    This nation needs one thing: More bread, less circus.

    I'll be farming for several hours, trying to beat the oncoming snow.  I'll expect a stout "ERROR" when trying to log-in, or see the Jolly Roger where my mojo used-to-be.

    Think of this:  "When they came for the Jews, I did nothing... When they came for the Gypsies, I did nothing... "

    So go ahead Litho... get 'er done.  Have all of your upraters join, in a mass mailing.

    Remember to Citizen Robespierre:
    July 27-28:  Guillotined without trial, along with other members of the Committee of Public Safety.

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