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  •  I've never believed (13+ / 0-)

    teachers are adequately paid for all they do.  Education isn't  just about the textbooks.  School is where children begin socializing. Teachers guide the way,  teaching them behavior and communication in ways that show respect. They also tell them what does NOT work. Often, that's how a child figures out what does.
    Teachers are role models and don't take that lightly.
    It's been more than 30+ years since I graduated. I remember the teachers who were, and still are, my role models. My kids do as well.

    Now, teachers have plans in "just in case".   I want to cry that a need for one exists and hug you for having one. What happened in Newton is incomprehensible to me.  I know I'm one of many who will never know the mind of one who would do this and I studied psychology. I grieve as a mother and a human being.
    God Bless you and all teachers. As my son would say, teachers rock this world!

    Grover Norquist is a boil on the right butt cheek of humanity.

    by bluebuckeyewmn on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 05:08:55 PM PST

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