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  •  Good because I'm eager to read more (3+ / 0-)

    I've always wanted to go to Transylvania -- Romania in general -- but have heard so many mixed reviews that I've held back :/

    I suspect I'd like it very much, but it's hard to know, and I'm not wealthy either so think about these things thoroughly.

    Where did you wind up? What did you see? What were the people like?

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    by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 09:40:39 AM PST

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    •  Everything! (5+ / 0-)

      We made a circle of the plateau starting from the SW corner and running around the ring of the mountains, criss-crossing the Carpathians by the Trans-Fagaras and then again by the main pass between Brasov and Bucharest.  We were hampered by lack of language -- three years of reading books wasn't enough, although it helped a little.  We pushed ourselves to see as much as humanly possible and did some serious scouting about ordinary life -- for instance, doing laundry, buying a local cell phone, and buying groceries to carry out for sandwiches.  There are both good places and bad places and people of all sorts, and a lot depends on your expectations and your budget.  Excellent food is cheap and decent lodgings are reasonably-priced.  But you have to be flexible and not expect to have exactly what you're used to on a silver platter.  I imagine people who ARE wealthy and used to getting whatever they want when they want it are appalled at having to wait and take what's available.

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