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View Diary: Guns were "legally" bought..So what? (55 comments)

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  •  What "Good People"???? (11+ / 0-)

    [note: I'm reprinting a comment from yesterday that no one saw]

    The whole argument that allowing the "good people" to have guns to protect themselves from the "bad people" is based on a 10 year old's view of human nature and circumstance.

    First of all, who are "the good people"?  Every religious ant ethical system points out that  there is the potential to do bad or even evil within all of us.  "Good people" may turn into "bad people" for any number of reasons---illness, stress, bad judgment, intoxicants, anger.

    Next, guns are not wired to the DNA of the "good people" who bought them and registered them:  they can be operated in most cases by anyone who can lay hands on them.  Why do we believe that guns bought and registered by "good people" will only be used by those intended and as intended?  As you point out, this woman was killed by her own guns.

    Imagine in the gun apologists had their way and every school teacher and school official walked around, even in kindergartens, with loaded weapons!  I don't care how well you have "trained" these people, there are going to be mistakes.  Someone is going to forget to secure the gun or one will go off accidentally, or one of the armed "good people" will get angry or have a meltdown and turn it on those it was meant to protect.

    I honestly do not understand how people who purport to be Christians, subscribing to a worldview that we are all weak sinners with the capacity to do evil, can contend that all we have to do is arm the "good people" to the teeth.

    What "good people"?

    Dulce bellum inexpertis [War is sweet only to those who have no experience of it].

    by Fatherflot on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 08:33:56 AM PST

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