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View Diary: Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban On First Day Of Congress (307 comments)

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  •  How many murders have been done with assault guns? (1+ / 0-)
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    How many of the horrible mass murders we've seen in the past decade have been done with "assault weapons"?

    While I agree that large-capacity magazines should be banned, the rest is simply grand-standing, avoiding the real problem.

    The real problem is that the vast majority of these mass murders (and murders in general) are done by young men.

    Just as we ban the sale of alcoholic beverages to those under 21, we should ban the possession of guns to anyone under 35 years old. And I would include police in that ban! I would exclude air rifles, etc.

    There are plenty of non-lethal weapons available to police, as well as older officers if lethal force is required.

    And there are plenty of ways of hunting, in use for thousands of years before the invention of gunpowder,

    This wouldn't be unconstitutional. The Constitution, after all, limits service in the Senate to those over 35.

    Lets have fewer of these phony superficial "juice" bills, and more attention to the root problems!

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