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  •  The real solution requires us to look into (3+ / 0-)

    our own souls. Look at our value system for what it really is. And take a revolutionary approach to our fellow man. It means questioning everything. Does capitalism make the situation worse? Are we really what we believe we are, both as individuals and as a nation. Does this nation even work anymore and should it be split up into smaller parts? Does the first amendment work anymore? These are questions that need to be discussed and through that discussion find some answers. But as long as we are distracted by shiny objects like reality TV celebrity gossip, new gadgets we are not going to have this discussion. I suggest no answers here. I do not propose anything but a discussion.

    Culturally in the recent past we have had a few media moments that inspired real discussion. The miniseries Roots and the documentary The Civil War inspired real discussion. As did TV shows about the Holocaust and a possible nuclear war. We do not have those national moments anymore because of the massive numbers of TV channels available today. Local radio is dying. As is local TV. Narrow interest programming is what we have today. And the internet is no better. We are a fragmented people. And there is real doubt about whether we can survive as a people unified in one country. Look at how polarized our politics have become.

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