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View Diary: NRA breaks silence on CT shooting--and proves that it doesn't get it (273 comments)

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  •  Yes, but I think that the NRA since it (4+ / 0-)
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    tikkun, antirove, caul, Gator Keyfitz

    spends every minute trying to expand and promote gun ownership has a greater responsibility to spend their money on those PSAs.  

    Thankfully, the government isn't actively promoting gun ownership, at this point.  

    I don't actually think that our collective tax dollars should be going to assisting the gun manufacturers' project to expand their sales.  

    I believe that the gun manufacturers and the NRA should chip in the large majority - if not all - of the cash to properly educate people about what they claim to believe about safety and legal ownership.  So far, crickets.  Hard to believe they are as committed as they like to claim they are on their website.

    •  I think the government has a duty to protect its (0+ / 0-)

      citizens, read:  Terrists, terrists, terrists, so a few PSAs of gun safety are going to bankrupt us?

      Asking the NRA to educate in gun safety is like asking the republican party to teach sex education.

      •  Homeland Security budget? (1+ / 0-)
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      •  The government is us - you and me. (3+ / 0-)
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        tikkun, caul, glorificus

        Why should we let the NRA off of the hook by taking responsibility for what they claim is one of their primary objectives in their mission statement?

        Why should we take tax dollars away from Medicare, for instance, to allocate them to covering the ass of an industry that makes BILLIONS in profits every year?  If the government is going to do the PSAs, why aren't we taking 50% of their sales to pay for that service which ultimately helps them?

        Be smart here.  Don't let the failure of an industry that is HIGHLY PROFITABLE talk you out of spending your tax dollars in BETTER places.

        While I see the multitude of benefits of the government putting resources behind providing unbiased and reliable information and services to protect consumers from the financial industry, I still have to say, "fuck them" for not following the few rules that are imposed on them.  Why you and I have to pay to prevent them from stealing from people while they don't pay any taxes should be a national outrage.

        Why we would need the EPA to spend money and time suing polluters is another good question.  Why don't the companies follow the rules?

        I really believe in government's potential to do great things and to do the right thing, but I see no reason to let the companies and industries that threaten our society off of the hook - or to put more onus on the government to clean up their messes than the companies and associations who have created the messes.

        •  Because they'll never do it. Just like Walmart (1+ / 0-)
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          will never pay the majority of their workers a living wage.

          Why should we let the NRA off of the hook by taking responsibility for what they claim is one of their primary objectives in their mission statement
          This is what a civil society is all about.  A strong government that fights against something that kills people.

          The NRA and what it stands for now needs to be destroyed as an entity.  Begging them to "do something" ain't the way to go. They're too far gone and serve no purpose in a civil society.  

          •  The NRA is a membership organization. (1+ / 0-)
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            Their strength is in their membership numbers.  They are the AARP of guns.  If you want to diminish their power, you get their membership to either revolt or move elsewhere.  Much easier than a WalMart boycott.

            And I am NOT "begging" them to do anything.  I am CHALLENGING them to fulfill their mission statement or get lost.  I refuse to clean up their sordid mess.

            A tax funded PSA should say, "Don't buy a gun unless you are willing to do x, y and z"

            An NRA funded PSA would address only "x, y and z".

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