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    Sandino, Sharon Wraight

    In the comment you linked, you said "it is the armed populace that holds that line."

    That is a fantasy, plain and simple. The combined military power of the US exceeds any armed force in the world, let alone a bunch of citizens with pistols and rifles.

    It is fine not to trust the government, but simple firearms are not going to be much of a challenge for the US military to deal with, should you decide on armed resistance. In most cases, the local police could handle it, with some backup from the national guard if needed.

    The government can be resisted, but that takes the form of protest and political action, not lock and load.

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      The point of an armed populace is as a deterrent, because no despot would ever attempt to impose a tyrrany against an armed populace. And with regards to the hypothetical scenario, if such a tyrrany were to occur, and if a violant uprising were to arise, given our cultural ideal of freedom and justice, I highly doubt that the entire military and the entire police would side with the tyrrany and blindly follow orders, so whose to say which side would have superior fire power. It would be bloody, and both aides would experience far more damage than any woiod want, and given this fact, only somone fighting for freedom in the face of tyrwnny would be willing to raze those stakes. Again, I want an armed populace because I believe only an armed populace will prevent the need for such a tragic future. And I completely agree, that civil approaches protesting the government is the only solution to civil problems. However, against an unarmed populace, those problems can become uncivilized brutal tyrrany. The US government already does things that border on this, but their hands are always tempered, because at the end of the day, they know that the populace is armed. Yes, the government can crush any single isolated incident involving an armed group of individuals, in normal times when the government has the moral high ground and is deemed legitimate by the general populace, but in the unfortunate situation of a tyranny, and the populace deems the government de-legitimate, resulting in an entire population rising to reject a militant police state tyrrany, wherein significant factions of that military force sides with the populace, (because they are their brothers and sisters and friends) then the force that the tyrant government would be facing would be massive and pervassive, and they would thus be unable to deal with the conflicts permeating an entire nation rising up in defense against police brutality. 

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