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    I stopped going on Facebook, at least for a week or two, because of the mean-spirited posts and comments people were making there over the gun issue. Then I backed out of going to a Christmas party today, telling them I had the flu, after seeing all the news headlines this morning about other shooters or potential shooters, and the bomb threat at the church.

    I suddenly realized just who was going to be at that Christmas party and the way the conversation was going to go, and I couldn't face it. Not right now. I feel like a bundle of raw emotion after having my heart rent apart by the shootings of those little ones, and there is no way--no way--I could stand listening to unkind things spewing from people's mouths over the gun control issue. I think it's harder to shield your emotions from hurtful remarks when your heart has been torn open and you are dealing with raw grief. So I decided it was better not to subject myself to it.

    Daily Kos has been the only place I've felt safe to come with these raw emotions, and as bad as some of the comments have been, they haven't been anywhere near as painful for me as the ones I've encountered when venturing among conservatives. Their venom against "libruls" right now seems to know no bounds, and it's been shocking to me to encounter such mean attacks at a time like this. As I wrote on Facebook, this is NOT the time to attack people whose beliefs differ from ours. And that is even more the case here, where we are basically all on the same side. This needs to remain a safe place for all of our members to be able to come. And we need to remain unified in the face of (and despite) recent events.

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