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  •  Thanks for the long-winded... (11+ / 0-)

    I relate to every word. This seems to be the crux:

    Some folks seem to feel they have the market cornered on righteous indignation and moral outrage and deep, withering sadness.
    They don't.
    It is a stressful time of year for so many reasons --weather changing, dark, holidays with the obligations and tensions, family issues and financial concerns... Many people who are in their jobs have seasonality, reports that must be finished, accounts to be cleared, shelves to be stocked and restocked...

    and this...

    and we grieve and know not whom to blame. And often there is no clear target, so we take it out on whomever is closest. And that is you. And me. And all those who've had to walk away for a time.

    Yes, the community changes, people come and people go. But we pride ourselves on our compassion, our respect, our fact-based reality...

    And now I am going on...

    thank you. and Peace to you and yours.

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