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  •  Next time you're at vet's (13+ / 0-)

    ask them to clip / shave the "poo path."  Luke has fuzzy bloomers and nearly every day exits the box with a Klingon.  Then he runs around until it falls off somewhere and I usually find it by stepping on it walking through the house.  If I can catch him, he'll let me pull it off and comb his pantaloons, but mostly I find them on the floor when I come home from work.  

    My vet helps me clip his poo path which helps for a few months.  

    Luke has no tail (actually a little stubby tail - his tail was amputated when he was found - had either gotten into a fight or hit by car - they were pretty banged up when one of my son's co-workers found them and brought them in) and every now and then a Klingon will be stuck to his tail and he'll get irritated and flick it - goes flying across the room.  Thank goodness that's not a daily occurrence!!  

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