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    I would accept as legitimate a comment like Huckabee's if he could back it up with any proof. For example, if he had a study showing that in nations or states where people pray more often, there is less violence, I might think there is something to his comments.

    But if you think of countries where they pray a lot, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, for example, those don't seem to be particularly non-violent places. On the other hand, if you think of mostly secular Europe, you would have to agree that taking God out of schools, and even taking most of the people out of church, doesn't seem to have led to a huge increase in violence. Quite the opposite. Our country has the distinction of having fairly high levels of religious belief and observance. That doesn't seem to prevent violence. Again, quite the opposite.

     I think it would be good to encourage a dialogue about anything that can prevent these kinds of occurrences. Gun control, mental health, education, religion. All legitimate suggestions. But anyone who joins the debate should back your arguments up with some evidence please.

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