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View Diary: Thank you, President Obama. FU, Charles Krauthammer. (203 comments)

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  •  dares to think differently from the Kos-gnoscenti (0+ / 0-)

    How dare he? This is outrageous.

    Defrock (or whatever) this person for daring to have an own-opinion.

    Open letter: "dear [religious title here], please in future check with moonbatlulu - chief Kos-gnoscenti at teh Kos for future positions".

    Give me a break. Trolling for recs, hmmmmmm?

    I see you got your 11 - but they're not from the anointed, the few. Have to try harder in future.

    Meantime, persons of religious persuasion can remain free to state their preference that evil intentions be front and center. They're not trolling for recs at Kos.

    Comparing this wo WBC is the most asinine drivel I've ever read

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