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View Diary: Thank you, President Obama. FU, Charles Krauthammer. (203 comments)

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  •  K. is one stupid man (0+ / 0-)

    I remember an article in The New Republic, from many decades ago; it was a profile of Dr. K. The tone of the article suggested that he was SO smart, that anyone disagreeing with him was simply an idiot. But the man is twisted, and not all that bright.

    I love his recent comment that nominating Marco Rubio would solve the Republicans' Hispanic "problem." Problem solved, he wrote. Idiota. Apparently he thinks all brown people are the same. Rubio, a "white" Cuban, has zero appeal to the majority of Chicanos, Borricuans, Dominicans, and other varied Latinos in the US. They range from "white" to brown to black, and every shade in-between, and are from every country south of the border. They are not a uniform mass.

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