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View Diary: President Obama in Newtown: 'These tragedies must end' (347 comments)

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  •  Words fail me. It is time for action (1+ / 0-)
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    But I wanted to share a poem from my nephew in England:


    Where can I start, but the  young ones, their hearts
    Are filled to bursting with your dark arts,
    Why  won’t you say, and who’s in your pay?
    Can’t the see that it’s simply the  gun?

    You say that it’s people, the mental unwell,
    And this is the  way that you weave your spell
    But here in Britain, the angry and  bitter,
    Lacking in guns, tweet their filth and their twitter
    And though  such bullying’s shameful and wrong,
    It’s tiny compared to the bullet’s  bright song.
    So stop with your lying! Your people are dying!
    Can’t you  see that it’s simply the gun?

    For if anyone, anyone  wishes to  die,
    It’s so easy to walk to a store and to buy
    The answer for him or  any he hates,
    The trigger that hands out tumbling fates.
    Can’t you see  that it’s simply the gun?

    And it makes me ashamed of the USA
    My  American father, your have a nice day,
    For what has been born is a race for  more,
    Statistics like skylarks flutter and soar,
    And houses are  fortresses, locked up tight
    And war not abroad, but the bringer of  night
    Where  death is only a finger away
    This my friends is the  American way
    Can’t you see that it’s simply the gun?

    And God, were  he watching, would turn in her grave
    To see all the cowards, the death of  the brave
    And forgiveness available tied to a chair,
    Oh America the  noble, the free and the fair
    Can’t you see that it’s simply the  gun

    And since when did the phrase
    The right to bear arms
    Become  such a hammer, for beating out harms,
    For those on the far, the  have-to-be-right
    Who don’t give a damn how endless the night
    Will be for  the young who receive its dark charms
    Can’t you see that it’s simply the  gun?

    America please, must I beg on my knees
    How many must kneel, and  finally fly
    The cruel communion, the exit, the sigh
    This right that  politically you think you’ve won
    How many more massacres, thanks to the  gun?

    Your leaders are liars who live for the vote,
    Spouters of  platitudes practiced by rote
    They say that today is just not the  day,
    And bless all that cash from the NRA
    Never to be taken from my cold  dead hands,
    Our grief is a growth in your cancerous lands,
    Oh America  how does your conscience sleep
    With mothers and fathers try not to  weep?

    This the eclipse that blots out the sun,
    Can’t you see that  it’s simply the gun?

    ....if we are not moved now to action against guns we have lost any claim to greatness that remains as we deteriorate into violence and hatred being what we stand for. I cry for my country.

    I am pro-life. Bring our troops home ALIVE!

    by Doc Allen on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 08:29:19 PM PST

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