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  •  Proffessional quality video produced by al Nusra (1+ / 0-)
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    Looks to be an effective recruiting tool.
    Jabhat al Nusra Shows Its Bloody Mark on Aleppo
    December 15, 2012

    Jabhat Al Nusra, now a U.S.-designated terrorist group believed to have links with Al Qaeda, still wins fans in Syria for its disciplined, ferocious fighters. It is considered the most effective fighting force against the Assad regime, and its latest film highlighting attacks in and around Aleppo seeks to bolster that reputation.

    In an hour-long video first posted to the Internet through a password-protected archive file (it was later uploaded to YouTube and is embedded below), Jabhat al Nusra takes us behind the scenes of its suicide bombings and attacks on military bases, demonstrating its craft and explaining the reasons behind what it describes as jihad against the Assad regime.

    “Aleppo: the Battle for Honor” frames the conflict in Syria as a sectarian struggle against a Shiite regime in which Muslims (Sunnis) can hardly defend their lives, let alone their religion. Against a background of Islamic chants, with highly charged language, the narrator often refers to the Assad regime and Syrian army as Nusairi, Rafidi and Murtad, which are derogatory labels for Alawites and Shiites.

    The production quality is highly professional. Images are clear and in high definition. The cameras are steady, dark rooms are lit, and night vision devices are used during infiltration and battles. A summary of the film, which was produced by Al Nusra’s media wing Almanara Albaydaa, is below.

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