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    while standing guard duty in Germany stirred some memories decades old of a family friend who was a tank commander under Patton.  From memory, he was discussing in a group of vets how one of the men in his command in the waning days of WWII was prosecuted, and if I remember correctly, was sentenced to Leavenworth, for shooting a German civilian off a bridge abutment for target practice.

    From memory, the circumstances were that it was not a combat zone and I don't remember if the soldier mentioned were on guard duty or why he was armed.  The salient point was the gratuitous killing of a civilian and the subsequent punishment of the shooter.  The narrator then noted that everyone in the unit had to turn in all of their ammo immediately after this incident, which he did not agree with, as they were in Germany and the war was still going on at that time.  (I would have thought, if they were on garrison duty or R&R, that they would have already have turned in any ammo but then there are always a few folks who find ways to circumvent the rules, such as the rules against looting.
    Your mention just sparked that stray memory  

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