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View Diary: President Obama: 'These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.' (83 comments)

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  •  "everything in my power to engage"? (0+ / 0-)

    How about using everything in your power to take action?

    The President has enormous power to order immediate action - through executive order and by directing the Justice department.

    There are many laws and regulations on the books right now for background checks, etc.

    Why isn't the President saying "I am directing the DoJ and ATF today to undertaken a comprehensive audit of ALL gun dealers and sales.  Any dealer that does not have up-to-date and complete records on firearms sales will be fined and shut down".

    Naturally, the NRA would go ballistic.  and the tea-bag fringe would exclaim government take over.  But they are going to do that anyway - even when "engaged in a discussion".

    Democrats really need to take a cue from the right wing - they do not wait or discuss or engage - they take action, force laws through, etc.

    Stop waiting around.   DO SOMETHING NOW.

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