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    If you want to know who your kids are, and what issues they are facing, and generally keep the lines of communication open--you need to become more than just their parent, you need to be their friend.  And I don't mean give them whatever they want and hang out with them like you're a peer, because you're not.  But if you spend time with them, you will have a lot less worrying to do.

    My mom always said she was never worried about what my brothers or I would do on our own.  It was what other people around us were doing.  She trusted us, she raised us, she talked to us, and she KNEW us.  She knew who we were as human beings, so she knew what we were likely to do at any given time.  My older brother was more likely to screw around with his friends, like drinking as a teenager, so his curfew was very strict.  I was the nerdy one who would stay up all night playing video games with my friends, so when I went to LAN parties my curfew was lax.  My younger brother was more likely to fight with people he didn't get along with, so my mom didn't like him going to school football games where he would run into the 'rival' clique of his, but he was more than welcome to go to the movie theater or mall on a Friday night in a nearby town where he was unlikely to see those guys.

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