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View Diary: More talk of gun control as gun lobby goes silent (285 comments)

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  •  If they are not banned, why would someone need (1+ / 0-)
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    full amnesty?  

    If they are not banned, why would someone sell them back to the government when you can already sell them to whoever for your original purchase price or more?  Guns do not lose value and are not hard to sell, as it is.

    Regulations and sensible gun control can work, but a full ban or an attempt to get as close to that as possible,  will not happen here.  

    •  Because there are plenty of people with weapons (4+ / 0-)
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      pengiep, Renee, Cassandra Waites, madhaus

      that they are not legally the owner of or have the proper registrations to posess.

      Gun buy backs do work and most folks can make a small profit on the deal. Most folks don't want to get prosecuted for turning in weapons.

      •  Buy back programs work in countries that are (0+ / 0-)

        issuing a new ban.  In a new ban situation, SOME people will then sell back a newly created illegal gun to the government for a short period of time in which there is amnesty, because that now illegal gun can not be sold legally anywhere else.

          In America's situation if there is no new ban, why would the public line up to sell back guns that they can already sell for the same price or even more?

         Why would people who can't illegally own a gun already and/or have a gun they are not already not suppose to have... even risk the fear or the idea of standing in line with government officials when, again, they can sell them on the street with no worry at all?  Even with an amnesty program....for a non existent ban? If they already have skipped by the law to have that gun, apparently they want to keep it.

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