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View Diary: More talk of gun control as gun lobby goes silent (285 comments)

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  •  Beware their tactics (3+ / 0-)

    they will talk of focusing on mental illness instead... and we will know they are full of sh it because all they do is actually defund mental illness programs (via medicaid, obamacare, state funds, lowering taxes to defund all government programs indiscriminately)

    they will talk of a culture of violence... talking of video games... but forget that many other countries play the same game we do but dont have any gun problems... they will definitely ignore that we are at war continously for 12 year and that is the real culture of violence... a population on edge, guys who dont even serve in the military trying to overcompensate (and apparently with Lanza's mother, women may even fall in this category)

    and they will definitely be silent in the hope of sabotaging the process... because like the Healthcare bill and everything else, they will try to dilute it in committee... but try to get a good bill... and then after that building upon that with another bill.... even if we dont hit perfection first.

    and on a side note, for those on DK fixating on the members who are advocating gun rights (or stockingpiling or whatever) and throwing their 2 cents in, let them, we are the democratic party, and we have many poeple in our coalition.  We dont have to agree with them and we need to make sure our guys win the idea (and the primary, against the blue dogs). But keep fighting for your beliefs for gun control because it should not be weakened.  And dont waste so much of your energy trying to control them, because ultimately we need to figth the NRA tools and their schills.

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