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View Diary: More talk of gun control as gun lobby goes silent (285 comments)

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    I have family, friends, etc. who are obsessed with guns.  I hear 3 different reasons for this obsession from them.  Some say they are worried about a coming government breakdown, others the End of the World and others the Government becoming a tyrannical dictatorship.  

    My answer to them for the 1st two is, I have seen people talking about the end of the world all my life and read about people saying so throughout history.  It has yet to occur.  I don't tell them that I believe they are NUTS and shouldn't be allowed to own any firearm when thinking that way.  This is borne out by the results of Ms. Lanza's paranoia, the monster she raised and unleashed on herself (perverse poetic justice there) and the young children of the community she lived in.

    To the 3rd excuse, I tell them: what chance does an overweight 50+ year old have against 20 year olds in body armor with automatic weapons, rocket launchers, air and artillery support.  NADA, as soon as you open up on them they will drop a 150 on your house and all that will be left is a smoking crater.  

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