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View Diary: This tragedy is not the result of video games (82 comments)

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  •  Playing COD or any 1st person shooter... (2+ / 0-)
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    Dreggas, cpetty08

    makes you more susceptible to join the military, not go on a shooting rampage.

    I am a perfect example.  Loved war pictures from Longest Day to Apocalypse Now.  Was age of majority at the start of the video game revolution and became a solid game head.  I have played just about every 1st PS out there.

    Joined the military and haven't touched a gun since being discharged.

    Still love war movies, action flicks, COD, Gears of War, etc, etc.

    Still have no desire to own a gun or ever shoot one again.

    Any person who can be set off by music, movies or video games, is already sick and can be set off by anything.  The media is a symptom, not a cause.

    Tax and Spend I can understand. I can even understand Borrow and Spend. But Borrow and give Billionaires tax cuts? That I have a problem with.

    by LiberalCanuck on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 08:21:21 AM PST

    •  Ok, fine. But imagine that there's a spectrum of (0+ / 0-)

      craziness.  You're near one end, and though you did join the military, and leave it, and though you'll never hurt another person outside that structure.

      But what about the rest of the spectrum?  

      Are you saying that there are not others who don't have your balance and stability?  Or that there are so few of them that we could somehow find each & every one and take away their individual abilities to do harm?

      The gamers protesting here imo doth protest too much.  Practicing violence obviously makes violence easier to access in ourselves.  Like anything else.

      Besides, it's not just games.  The culture of violence is everywhere, not just in the world of video games.  Going after any one contributor to this culture would be pretty stupid.  And I don't hear anyone suggesting censoring games or anything else.

      Let's just please be open to this whole conversation, without rushing to declare that "it's not us."  Given that it keeps happening over & over again, all over the country, who else could it be?

      •  It is us, as a country. (1+ / 0-)
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        Treating video games as a convenient scape goat is not productive.  

        It's in our news media and how it feeds us information.  If it bleeds, it leads.  The punditry is constantly feeding us in fear.

        It's in our inability to force politicians to make the changes needed in our gun policy so that guns and their usage are regulated.

        It's in how masculinity is defined, and the men who are anxious in their masculinity.

        It's in how the system fails the mentally ill.

        It's in a lot of how we deal with issues.  But games aren't among those problems.

        •  Goddess, I agreed with you up enthusistically up (0+ / 0-)

          to your last line.

          How could vicious games not be part of the problem, if they're part of the vicious culture overall?

          More pointedly, what is a mass school shooting most like, from the pov of the shooter?  The usually-young shooter.

          It's not like hunting deer.  It's not like invading Normandy (nobody's shooting back).  It's not like defending your home against criminals.

          It's like a video game.

          •  Er... (0+ / 0-)

            "if they're part of the vicious culture overall?"... That's your opnion, I don't see America's culture like that at all. Why do I get the feeling you'd like to scream "I hate America!!"?

            "How could vicious games not be part of the problem"... first, what problem? Atrosties? Mass killings? Been plenty of those in not just human history, but in America... perhaps you'd like people to kill because of Jim crow instead? Whip a slave? Beat your wife because she gave you lip? America is a pretty violent nation, and most our killing was doing before and during the industrial revolution... pre-video games.

            Video games have been only around since the 70s, and I doubt pc-man inspired the Son of Sam murders, of Jeffrey Dalmers cannabalism.

            "It's not like hunting deer.  It's not like invading Normandy (nobody's shooting back).  It's not like defending your home against criminals.

            It's like a video game."

            Spoken like a true person who never played a game, and knows nothing about them, and shouldn't therefore be speaking on the subject. I'm not even sure what all that meant...

            You do know that You do actually fight in the invasion of Normandy in the Call of Duty Games, and people (in the games. Nazis, specifically) do shoot back? You don't even get the concept of a video game, you think its just you running around shooting things that look like people, but them just standing there not shooting back? What would the point of that be? Again, don't talk on this issue until you've educated yourself.

            •  I seem to be offending everyone today. Gamers, (0+ / 0-)

              huffy when I respond skeptically to their statements that violent games have no effect on violence.  

              •  Maybe gee, I dunno, maybe its because (0+ / 0-)

                it could be that they are right and you might actually be wrong about something in your life???

                Nahhh... that could never happen, right?

                Its much more constructed to bitch about how the "nerds" would just accept you reposnses as the gospel answers and use logic and reasoning to questiuon your findings, that yo actually make a case that can pass scrutiny isn't it?

            •  You don't see that we have a violent culture, (0+ / 0-)

              right now today?  I'm anti-American for questioning violence?

              Think about that.

              What I meant was that there are no real bullets coming in at gamers, in contrast to the real Normandy invasion.  And no, obviously, I'd never hear of the fake one.  Though I have played my share of video games.

              I don't judge gamers, byw.  I just find all these protestations of blamelessness a bit over the top, and question them.  I would not "blame games" for any particular tragedy.  It's really the whole culture, particularly the whole media culture.

              •  No, you're anti american ofr this: (0+ / 0-)

                "And neither of them celebrates mindless "freedom" as moronically as the US.  Neither has taken to denigrating even the idea of the "common good", as have we here."

                You state it right there you think America's freedoms are "moronic" and shouldn't be celebrated.

                Its the same arguement that formed the Bush doctrine, the "they hate us for our freedoms" arguement when talking about the terroists right after 9/11... but nice try, I know KOS is populated highly by center-right and right-wing Dems such as your self, so, its not like I wasn't expecting this.

                •  I think you've misinterpreted what I said. Which (0+ / 0-)

                  was not intended in any way to support the "hate us for our freedoms" junk.

                  I did not say that America's freedoms are moronic.  I said what you quoted above, which is that we seem to celebrate a kind of freedom-as-no-rules individualism that denies our inter-relatedness and our common interests.

                  There are imo better definitions/interpretations of "freedom" than the nobody's-gonna-tell-me-what-to-do libertarian model.  But it's a big subject, so maybe not suitable for this exchange.

                  I don't know your story, so I won't comment further.  Please don't assume you know mine.

      •  The non-gamers protesting here imo doth (0+ / 0-)

        protest too much. So... its tit for tat... I don't see you backing don't from some of your inflamtory rhetoric... doth protesting too much now one sided?

        You're a piece of work...

        "Practicing violence obviously makes violence easier to access in ourselves.  Like anything else."

        No it doesn't, it really doesn't, pushing AB up down is NOT the same as actually killing a real person, and you're pulling all this conjecture out of your backside and presenting it as fact with nothing to back it up.

        "Let's just please be open to this whole conversation, without rushing to declare that "it's not us."  

        Also, its our side that has been telling YOU not to rush to judgement, helll this whole post I'm replying to is YOU rushing to judgement, acting like a right-winger, projecting what YOU are doing on you opponents.

        "Given that it keeps happening over & over again, all over the country, who else could it be?""

        Gun nuts like yourself? You sound like one. Who doth protest too much now?

        "and I don't hear anyone suggesting censoring games or anything else."

        They aren't because they can't anymore, if they are updated on current law, Supreme Court decided this was protected speech last year at the end of the 2010-2011 term, and you should have seen the comments posted on KOS over that, there were many people who thought they should be banned... kinda remember seein g a username like yours in one of those threads then...

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