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View Diary: Oklahoma legislator has brilliant idea to "protect students" (64 comments)

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  •  Trying to cut the costs of providing trained (0+ / 0-)

    protection for our kids, while simultaneously avoiding addressing other issues like affordable healthcare coverage for people who might need to be prevented from accessing fire arms for one.

    There's pro-gun and then there's pro-stupid.

    Putting BARELY trained teachers in a class with guns and expecting them to be able to WIN a gun fight in a school packed with children is definitely stupid.

    If he really wants someone armed in the school, then follow other examples with actual professional police officers that log countless hours not only in target practice and gun safety, but also in tactical situations.

    Going all cheapo on us and simply putting a gun in a busy, over extended, underpaid teacher's hand and expecting a good outcome is not the sign of highly functional executive functions.

    The whole idea smacks of someone who doesn't know much about tactical training, or combat, because if he did, he would have presented a different idea entirely.

    How many untrained or barely trained people, really think they could RAMBO their way to a victory in a close quartered gun fight with 25 to 35 extra bodies to hit per classroom?


    I can be understanding of a lot of things, but when it comes to this, I too confess that I don't suffer fools. And this idea is incredibly foolish.

    And Who is going to pay for all this training? Who is going to pay for the guns and the ammunition? Who will be liable if the teacher has to shoot someone, or hits the wrong person by accident?

    How many hours will the teacher have to complete to maintain their certification and will that realistically be enough to make them as competent as some people want to imagine in a live fire, combat situation?

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