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    is as much with attitude as with guns.

    My Grandfather told me about when he was a kid and he and the other boys would walk to school with their rifles. When they got to school, they leaned them against the wall until lunch or recess when they would all get them and go out and shoot them until it was time to return to the classroom. There was never any single OR mass shooting by anyone.

    Most of the Sandy Hook victims were apparently shot at close range, so it wouldn't have mattered what sort of weapon this guy had. His choice of weapons seems to have been dictated by what was available to him.

    It's a bit of irony that the cities with the most strict gun control laws also seem to have the highest crimes and murders committed by criminals with guns.

    I've read about people slicing people up with knives, mowing them down with cars, pushing them in front of trains, etc. Crazy people will use whatever they can get their hands on to commit mayhem. Cars kill far more people each year than guns do, but we're not outlawing them.

    Yes, guns can, and do, make it easier and faster to kill people, but as we've seen, enacting more and more gun restrictions hasn't done anything to reduce the violence. There are too many guns out there already for these measures to have much of an effect, sadly. Our own government was allowing assault weapons to walk with no tracking and they ended up being used to kill some of our own people among others.

    Until the attitude of people change, these things will happen, and passing more and more laws against guns will not make much of a difference other than to make people feel good about themselves for "doing something." The fact that what they're doing will have little or no effect seems to be immaterial.

    For the record, I don't own any guns, nor do I like guns, so I'm not a rabid, NRA member with an arsenal.

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