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View Diary: The Gun Culture vs. The Fear Culture (102 comments)

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    The difference in USA and other countries is that they give a nod to civic responsibility.  By that I mean what it takes to uphold the health of the community versus our own right to do whatever the hell you want.  What if you want to own an x-ray machine?  Are you going to subject all your neighbors to radiation?  No, because there are limits for the public good.

    It seems ridiculous to me that we require classes, licenses and laws around calling yourself a "therapist" or an "oxygen truck driver" but any twit can own an assault rifle with very little fanfare.  The guy in Southern California who just shot off 50 rounds in a parking lot said he was "letting off some stress."  Really?  We want to give everyone guns?  Honestly, not everyone should own a gun.  Homer Simpson, for example, should NOT own a gun.

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