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    impersonal level this is true, but I'll be damned if I'd expect any structurally sane 20-year old to kill a whole classroom of first-graders just because politicians are soulless war mongers and greedheads. This guy had no empathic capacity. But even so, you don't have to personally identify with ANY of those frightened children to know they shouldn't be murdered in cold blood.

    No matter what [sometimes relative, sometimes absolute] 'good' or 'evil' any President or Congress or SCOTUS does during their Constitutionally limited time in power, there is a difference between 'good' and 'evil' and we should all know what the fuck it is by the time we're old enough to vote. Unless there is something structurally wrong, and this I suspect to be the case in this awful tragedy. This kid had mental health care, had his diagnoses and a family with enough love and money to seek out proper care for him. Looks to me like maybe we need a mental health care delivery system that recognizes and acknowledges structural deficiency well enough to at least make an honest effort to prevent such evil from acting out on the real world stage.

    We do not allow the mentally ill/unstable to purchase guns in this country. If their names are in the databank and if the seller cares to obey the law. This young man should have been on that list, and maybe even was. Why his mother chose to purchase guns and keep them where this kid could get hold of them is a whole different question. Should his mental illness have prevented her gun purchases so long as he lived with her? Just while he was a juvenile? Forever? Should she have been required to secure her guns (as property she legally acquired) in a safe location outside the home so long as he was in her care? After he's grown and ostensibly on his own just because she's his Mom?

    There's some rather large questions here that haven't been asked, and need answers before society can even begin to properly address what went wrong here.

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