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View Diary: Sen. Manchin: 'It just really has changed us. It's changed me' (118 comments)

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  •  problem is, that probably most of the (6+ / 0-)

    people who own these types of guns, own them because they're afraid of their own government.

    So, having their government take away their guns isn't going to persuade THEM.

    The good thing, is that now, it seems, we can get legislation passed WITHOUT them.

    Enough people have little kids, or care enough about little kids, that want to protect them from this EVER happening again.

    A renewed AWB is the best first step.

    They survived the 1994 law, they'll fucking survive this.

    "A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and me?" - Don Van Vliet

    by AlyoshaKaramazov on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 12:06:00 PM PST

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