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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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    Who owns the NRA?  Not the members, but the gun manufacturers.

    This is about profit, not rights of any kind.

    The lives of little children are less important than gun manufacturer profits.

    And it's not limited to that.

    The lives of young people here and abroad are worth less than cigarette company profits.

    The lives of Greeks are worth less than the profits of European banks and bondholders.

    The lives of the sick are worth less than insurance and medical industry profits.

    The water quality, and therefore lives of people, in areas where there's frackable gas are worth less than gas driller profits.

    The lives of those in future generations endangered by global warming are worth less than coal and oil company profits.

    The list can go on and on.

    When it comes down to it, nothing--not equal justice under the law (see the HSBC settlement), not property rights of the 99% (see fracking policy), not even our lives--is more precious than profits.

    It's the choice always made by Capitalism and the choice almost always ratified and enforced by governments around the world.

    When we realize that Capitalism is a sickness and not an economic system, we will begin to make real progress on issues like this.

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