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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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  •  unless the "collective action" involves things (0+ / 0-)

    conservatives find important enuf to come together to achieve -- like secession or threatening violence against the govt if they don't like some policy.

    the guy in alabama who initiated the online petition to have alabama secede (the one who claimed he was doing it b/c the state govt shut down his topless carwash biz on indecency complaints!) said the push for the state to secede would probably work better if 20 or so other states joined in -- !!

    and, a guy was just on chris matthews' show claiming the reason gun advocates need assault-type weapons is to keep the govt "in check" -- ! -- & when chris pressed him on it he said people like him were prepared to use their guns when they didn't like the way govt was being run.

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