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  •  As a libertarian / conservative (1+ / 0-)
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    I think a good starting point would be to remove all of the subsidies from both renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources... A big complaint now (leaving aside the consideration of long term benefits since most people aren't wired that way) is that clean energy is cost prohibitive.

    This is largely because oil in particular is subsidized so heavily that the real cost isn't felt by the consumer.  I don't have any actual numbers to back up what I'm saying, but I would imagine that if all of the subsidies were removed from both energy sources, the current user cost would be quite a bit closer... In any case, as technology improves and costs go down, this will become less of an issue...

    With respect to climate change specifically, my thoughts over the years have evolved... The one sticking point that used to get me (and I guess to some extent still does) is that in the way it's presented, it's impossible to have a meaningful discussion because if it's hotter it's because of climate change and the world is ending, if it's colder it's because of climate change and the world is ending, if it rains more it's because of climate change and the world is ending, if it rains less it's because of climate change and the world is ending etc.  It's like the only way the world doesn't end is if everything stays exactly the same forever... Maybe that's just with the people I've spoken to, but it always rubs me the wrong way a bit...

    •  When those subsidies are removed, they must be (2+ / 0-)
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      fuzzyguy, a2nite

      replaced with something, otherwise, our entire infrastructure will collapse.

      If you make people too poor to go to work, impossible to sell their homes, a shortage of affordable living space near enough to transit or to walk,---

      the economic collapse will bring about a backlash to fossil fuels.

      Our infrastructure including our economic system rests upon petroleum products, including much of our technology and manufacturing and medicine.

      We have already created an inferior, but complex system that is replacing natural systems, and these replacements are sufficiently complex enough, that we can paint ourselves into a corner easily, and collapse not just our economy, but our culture as well.

      I agree, but proceed with great caution.

      Forward, long-term thinking is not considered a strong leadership value in this culture. Perhaps it's time we changed that.

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