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View Diary: My first day back to school: Post Sandy Hook. A personal reflection. (4 comments)

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  •  I agree. Today started with dread, and evolved (2+ / 0-)
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    restondem, Phil S 33

    into a really, really beautiful day. I was supposed to go with my son on a field trip. Field trip got cancelled, but it was great being at the school, with the teachers and the kids, and seeing things proceeding in a far, far more normal way than I could've imagined. Yes, there was a security meeting with parents (that I didn't attend) and apparently it got quite heated... and I saw some red-eyed parents leave that meeting, with their kids in tow (apparently, not ready to let them go).

    But I was happy that everyone understands that schools are no more or less safe than any other place in America. These things can and do happen everywhere. They are saddest when they involve our children. But we're not 100% safe anywhere... and that's the problem... and that's the discussion we need to be having.

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