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View Diary: Tea Party Nation: Put an armed George Zimmerman in every school (195 comments)

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  •  I actually saw a comment on a Yahoo news ... (12+ / 0-)

    thread in which the commenter -- (I won't dignify him with the word "writer") -- said something like, "Hmmm.  It sure is a convenient coincidence that this happened just in time to allow Obama to take up his extremist gun control agenda."

    In reply I pointed out first that in his first four years in office, Obama has done exactly ZERO toward gun control.  But then I had to address the real implication here, and ask right out:  

    "Are you implying that Obama is behind the murder of 20 schoolchildren?  Really?!  Are you saying that he somehow ordered it?  Because if you are, have the guts to come right out and SAY IT."

    They have lost their minds.  I would also call them certifiably delusional at this point if they really believe such a thing.

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