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    I'm the parent doing the homeschooling, and I run Oregon's largest homeschooling email list. Few homeschoolers, even fundamentalists, never leave home, we don't sit at the kitchen table all day by and large. In fact, I'm writing from my oldest daughter's math tutor's waiting room. The ones who yell the loudest--the fundie type--don't represent the majority of homeschoolers any more.

    There are plenty of private schools where parents of that bent can find instruction that perfectly jibes with their own views, down to gay people's horns. And I dare say the vast majority of Fox viewers and RWNJs were public schooled.

    Here in Oregon, as in many states, homeschoolers get MORE scrutiny than private schools. We've tried to get equity with the privates--either bring our regulation down or scrutinize the private schools as much--but the governors have vetoed the bill every time.

    Homeschooling, by the way, is a movement begun by progressives and radicals. Its public face was hijacked by extremist religious/conservative types in the 80s.

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