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  •  We've seen a wholesale abandonment of (14+ / 0-)

    another CT-- critical thinking. We've even seen the Republican Party in Texas attacking CT in its state platform (because critical thinking undermines their BS). This kind of "meta" is one of the most disturbing trends in the USA today.

    We simply believe weird stuff. Some of it seems harmless or even funny -- Elvis sightings, images of the Virgin Mary in a peanut butter sandwich. And although it may not make the five o'clock news, it  IS on TV in the half hour that follows the news.

    Those who seek explanations for complicated phenomena are not always hucksters and liars. Oftentimes, they are just wrong. (BTW, thunder is not the sound of the wheels of Thor's chariot as he races across the sky. There just wasn't a better (popular) explanation 2,000 years ago.) However, sometimes purveyors of the story line are in it for power or money. (Have you thought about purchasing a $900 assault rifle for protection against people flying black helicopters?)

    The United States is a country that unfortunately puts too much stock into "revealed truth" as opposed to our own experiences. Probably more often than not, the weird stuff we believe stems from religious dogma -- baggage of past millennia. (E.g., we reject evolution in favor of creationism.)

    Religion has inoculated itself against critical thinking to a large degree. (How perversely clever to suggest in the "holy teachings" that in the last days skeptics will rise up and challenge the holy teachings.) Unfortunatly, our religious habits of "thinking" have spilled into many other aspects of our intellectual lives.

    It's better to acknowledge that we don't yet have all the answers to life's questions than to believe and perpetuate lies. So, god bless you all, and god bless America. eom.

    "I regret that my poor choice of words caused some people to understand what I was saying." -- Any Republican on any given day

    by RudiB on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 05:20:53 AM PST

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