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View Diary: Richard Engel is *safe*. (79 comments)

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  •  Is it "indecent" to celebrate a soldier's survival (8+ / 0-)

    Or that of a policeman or a fireman?
    I understand your concern for the fate of so many innocents all over the world, who didn't ask to go into harm's way and aren't getting paid to do it.  But don't overlook the crucially important role played by reporters and photographers in getting the news out to all of us.

    Journalists like Richard Engel, and many others around the world, risk their lives and limbs doing good and valuable work.  Without their intrepid and important efforts we would be completely at the mercy of press offices and propaganda machines to know what is happening.
    Learning who, what, when, where and why is extremely important, and I am grateful for those journalists who do what they do even under difficult and often dangerous conditions.
    And Richard Engel is among the very best.    

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