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  •  I see any person doing concealed carry (2+ / 0-)
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    Laconic Lib, cany

    as not only a potential target but a potential weapons supplier. I wonder how many of these would-be heroes have been disabused of their weaponry only to have it used in a crime elsewhere. I'd bet this probably makes cops crazy.

    I was reading a diary the other night where a gun aficionado was relating a tale where he was complying with a posted "no weapons" sign in a bar, his gun was stolen from his locked vehicle. His response? "Never again." At first, I optimistically thought he meant never again would he carry a weapon in public for fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

    No. What he actually meant is that he would never be without his weapon again. The "no weapons" bar would never get his business again. Sort of a "...from my cold, dead hands" mentality.

    Oh, and that was a couple of years ago. I wonder how many times his beloved weapon was stuck in someone's face for pocket change since then.  

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